Adidas Originals Unveils Predator Mundial Trainer: Classic Football Heritage and Modern Street Style


Sneaker Heads Rejoice as Adidas Originals Launches Predator Mundial Trainer in Two Unique Tones - 01 February 2024

Drawing inspiration from two of the most legendary football boots, Adidas Originals is blending pitch precision with street style to present the Predator Mundial trainer. Initially unleashed in two stunning colourways, the trainer is making its 2024 debut in an unforgettable way, a testament to the brand's beloved Predator range.

Taking us on a trip down memory lane, Adidas happily revives the fold-over tongue and Accelerator's three-stripes feature, a reminiscent note of their acclaimed Predator 24. But the yearning for nostalgia didn't just stop on the pitch. The recent launch of the Predator Freestyle saw the fusion of the iconic Predator aesthetic with Samba’s reimagined style. Now, Adidas is at it again.

By marrying the striking features of the Predator and the Copa Mundial, two of the most recognisable football boots to ever grace the pitch, the Predator Mundial trainer is born. With a design that merges both worlds, this trainer features a modern silhouette that's ready-made for the concrete jungle.

Don't get it twisted though, Adidas Originals Predator Mundial has kept its DNA. The trademark three stripes that run down the trainer pay homage to its football heritage, while a quilted leather top pays tribute to the everlasting charm of the Copa Mundial. Together they encapsulate an all-encompassing design, blending pitch essence with a streetwear flair.

As for the colourways, the pedigree of the Predator is showcased in two inspiring options: "Core Black/Cloud White/Crystal White", which oddly enough neglects to mention a hint of red that, paired with the black and white, forms the quintessential Predator look. And the "Grey One/Silver Metallic/Gum", subtly yet effectively moderating the carnivorous intensity.

Crafting an undeniably more lifestyle-charged projection, the colour scheme artistically ties back into the essence of the Predator. The Predator's trademark, the Three Stripe symbol, embraces a reflective coating, akin to a beacon in the atmospheric cloak of darkness. This celestial gleam is distinct from the Predator Freestyle trainer, where instead, the iconic Trefoil insignia triumphantly takes the lead. It is subtly nestled on the tongue and proudly perched on the heel - an unabashed acknowledgment that this creation breathes from the lineages of the Originals collection.

The highlight hue featured in each sneaker - a vibrant red for the first and a cool blue for the latter - seamlessly extends to the rubber outsole. Its unconventional, undulating, and reptilian-inspired texture is an additional hat-tip to the formidable Predator lineage.

Check out the Adidas Originals Predator Mundial collection available for purchase at Adidas Originals Predator Mundial - a testament to innovation. Come see for yourself at Delve in, explore, follow – leap into a world framed by the Predator heritage.

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