Adidas Originals Unveils Arsenal 23-24 Collection: A Nostalgic Fusion of Classic Style and Modern Sportswear

In the spirit of their collaboration with Manchester United and AS Roma, adidas unrolls yet another blast from the past – the Originals Arsenal 23-24 range adorned with the revived Trefoil emblem. Following its preview on November 10th, 2023, the adidas Originals Manchester United collection makes way for the Arsenal entry.

The latest adidas Originals Arsenal touch for 2023-24 is painted predominantly dark blue, punctuated by the classic Arsenal Crest cannon symbol and a striking yellow Trefoil badge. It's a bounty of offerings in the new adidas Originals Arsenal FC 2023-24 line, featuring everything from T-shirts and sweaters to hoodies and trousers, not forgetting their signature sneakers and jackets.

The items in the itinerary include a T-Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie, Track Top, Essentials Pants, Track Pants, and Gazelle Trainers. In terms of pricing, the adidas Originals Arsenal CB 2023-24 line-up ranges from a modest 24 GBP all the way to 80 GBP.

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