AC Milan & Off-White Unveil Second Off-Pitch Collection Unveiled

AC Milan and Off-White have once again teamed up to unveil their highly-anticipated second off-pitch uniform collection. Building on the success of their previous collaboration, this season's line features an array of formal and casual options designed for both the AC Milan men's and women's teams. What sets this collection apart is the seamless blend of traditional football motifs with Off-White's distinctive flair, incorporating a rich tapestry of cultural and subcultural influences.

A standout piece in this collection is the all-new varsity jacket, meticulously crafted from a fusion of leather and wool. This jacket, a true champion of the informal look, boasts graphic patches that include Off-White's iconic diagonal design on the sleeve, the bold "OW" and "M" varsity letters on the body, and the AC Milan diavolo mascot gracing the back. It's an ode to football fashion at its finest.

But the collection doesn't stop there. It's a celebration of style diversity. Among its offerings, you'll discover a field jacket adorned with patch pockets, suit-style pants tailored for a relaxed fit, and a formal double-breasted jacket paired with matching pants, all bearing the unmistakable imprint of Off-White's unique twist. Each jacket in the lineup proudly features a striking red tag on the left cuff, symbolizing the partnership's profound aspirations.

Complementing the jackets, this collection extends its reach into accessories, making it a must-have for both avid fans and fashion enthusiasts. The gray hoodie and t-shirt, infused with similar motifs, offer a stylish means to show your unwavering support for AC Milan.

AC Milan and Off-White's partnership continues to push the boundaries of football fashion, harmoniously melding the realms of sports and high-end streetwear. With this second off-pitch uniform collection, they once again underscore their exceptional ability to create garments that are not only fashion-forward but deeply rooted in football tradition.

The Off-White x AC Milan capsule collection is set to launch on September 22, 2023. You can secure your fashion-forward pieces via and, as well as at the Off-White Via Verri flagship store in Milan. Don't miss out on this extraordinary collaboration that's poised to elevate your football fashion game to unprecedented heights.

AC Milan and Off-White™ are back at it, unveiling their stylish off-pitch 'Uniforms' collection for the Rossoneri. This collaboration, now in its second year, continues to blend formal and casual designs that can be worn by both the men's and women's teams. The attention to detail remains top-notch, with tailoring and fits customized for each squad.

There are some standout pieces that caught our eye. A sleek all-black double-breasted suit stole the show, featuring eye-catching red "I Support" patches on the left cuff. What sets this suit apart is that each player gets to personalize their own by adding a pledge of their choosing.

Let's not forget about the much-talked-about varsity jacket, making a comeback this year in a combination of leather and wool adorned with cool graphic patches. The collection doesn't stop there – it's packed with accessories to enhance your style game. A transparent PVC suitcase, a black quilted leather backpack, a black quilted leather hand pouch, gray sneakers with a vibrant red ziptag, and black slingback kitten heels ensure that you'll turn heads both on and off the pitch.

The collection will be unveiled with a unique on-pitch dinner at the San Siro on Thursday, September 21. This remarkable event will be followed by the collection's public debut on Friday, September 22. Once it hits the stores, you can find the capsule collection at Off-White and FarFetch.

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